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Hindsight Pet Services is wholly focussed on our clients and the well being of their pets and property.

Let us know of your experience with us!  As well, if you have any suggestions on improving our services, we would love to hear your 'feedbark'!  Please feel free to contact Hindsight Pet Services with any requests, questions or comments you may have.

Your correspondence is very important to us and you should expect a reply within 24 hours.  If you request a reply via telephone, please indicate how early in the day & how late at night we are able to return your call.  If you do not receive a reply within 24 hours, please call/email again and indicate that this is your second attempt. 

Your interest in Hindsight Pet Services is very much appreciated! 
Thank you!

** We are so happy to have found Delaine. Our pets are our family, and being away from them can be very stressful. Having a diabetic cat that requires twice daily shots means extra special care. We are so grateful to Delaine for providing love and care to Missy and Rudy when we are away. We have absolute confidence in her to take care of them, and little touches like text messages and pictures mean a lot. Delaine truly cares about animals and that comes through in her work. She is caring, professional, and committed to her clients and her business. Putting your pets in the care of Hindsight means they are safe and pampered, and we highly recommend Hindsight without hesitation. Thank you, Delaine!   B & R

** We highly recommend Delaine to watch over your special someone.  Our Iago enjoyed going for walks and playing with other dogs (also a little snuggle time).  We felt confident the entire time we were away that Iago was getting the best care possible.  With Delaine's hands-on approach, we knew that he was being treated the same way he would be at home (including discipline) and that he wasn't locked up in a kennel for the entire day.  Delaine is fun and ready to play.  For the first time, Iago came home tired!  And very, very happy.  J & J

** Delaine, we are so happy that you have made Hindsight a reality.  We have always struggled with the decision about what to do with our 2 Berners when we need to go away overnight. Now we have Hindsight and you!  With you, we know that our girls will receive the care and attention that we think they deserve.  Having witnessed first hand the care and devotion you have for your pets as well as those you care for leaves us confident that our girls and our home are always in good hands when they are with you and when you are with them.  Thanks again for creating Hindsight.    B & A

** My husband and I have been using Delaine’s services for almost 7 years and she is the BEST thing! I recommend her to all my family and friends and our dog absolutely loves her. When my husband is out walking her, if he runs into Delaine and the “pack” she wants to leave him and go off with Delaine. If that’s not a glowing endorsement I don’t know what is.  It’s hard to trust someone with your beloved pet but I never worry about our girl when she is with Delaine.  D & R
 780.245.i sit (4748)
780-245- i sit (4748)